A BODEN Leadership Series

There’s no direct translation of Atrévete™ in English. As Hispanics, it’s in our blood to go for it, to be gutsy—and that’s what we have done for generations in the U.S.

Natalie Boden

Host, CEO of Boden Agency


Atrévete™ is a leadership series featuring innovators who are pushing boundaries, atreviendo to disrupt the expected, and inspiring others to go for their dreams.

The Power of Authenticity and Taking Risks

Harper’s Bazaar Culture Editor, Bianca Betancourt, delves into the importance of embracing and celebrating our cultural identities in storytelling and how taking risks landed her the opportunity of her dreams.

Embracing Challenges, Building Confidence, and the Power of Sudor

McDonald’s Chief Communications Officer and Atrevida, Sandy Rodriguez shares her journey on navigating cultural differences, overcoming self-doubt, and surrounding oneself with inspiración.

A Refreshing Take on Marketing

Esperanza Teasdale, Vice President & General Manager at PepsiCo, shares her thoughts on work ethic, making authentic connections, and claiming your seat at the table (even when you weren’t invited).

Navigating the Newsroom

ABC National Correspondent and Atrevida, Stephanie Ramos, speaks on putting your best foot forward, embracing the failures, and striking the balance between suerte y sudor.

Elevating Latinas in Sports

Jennifer Yepez-Blundell, founder of Drafted, discusses championing Latina representation in sports.

Empowering LatinX Voices in Media and Beyond

Erika Soto Lamb, Vice President of Social Impact Strategy, Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios at Paramount Global emphasizes the value of diverse perspectives and the strength of being a unique voice in any room.

Closing the Wealth Gap For LatinX

Beatriz Acevedo, the visionary founder of the SUMA Wealth app shines a light on her mission to close the Latinx wealth gap and pave the way for financial empowerment within the community.

Breaking Barriers in Sports Marketing

Romina Bongiovanni, Global Director of International Marketing for New Balance, tells us what “ponerte las pilas” means to her and how to pay it forward.

Redefining Latinidad

Afro-Latinx journalist and entrepreneur Janel Martinez talks about the need to redefine Latinidad and how our intersectional Hispanic Heritage should be celebrated all year round.

Inspiring Proud and Persistent Poderosas

The iconic advocate for Latinx empowerment, Monica Ramirez, discusses uplifting communities by telling Latinx stories, believing in others with conviction, and making our parents proud.

Being Adventurous, Adaptable and Atrevida

Sandra López, distinguished tech executive and media advisor, chats about how our culture is embedded in who we are and how to seize your moment.

Making Madres Proud

CEO and designer Patty Delgado joins us to discuss the impact of growing up Hispanic and the Latina’s journey to becoming a jefa.

Tomando Acción

Actress, writer, and entrepreneur, Julissa Calderón talks about breaking the glass ceiling, the importance of latinx representation and how to be the main character of your story.

Being a Marketing MVP

SVP, Global Brand and Consumer Marketing, National Football League, Marissa Solís discusses smart strategizing and how to claim your seat at the table.