PRWeek: The Future of PR is Hispanic

The last 25 years have ushered in dramatic changes across the PR industry, influenced by shifting societal norms, advancements in technology and the changing media landscape. As practitioners, we’ve evolved with the times, navigating these changes through a cultural lens to activate campaigns that build relevance and make an impact. 

As PRWeek celebrates its 25th anniversary and we look toward the next 25, there is no doubt these factors will continue to impact our industry. But even more so, culture-driven PR with diverse audiences at the core, will be critical as the impending majority-minority shift, a demographic transformation with the Hispanic community at the forefront, becomes a reality beginning 2041. 

This moment signifies a pivotal moment where the population of minority groups will surpass the non-Hispanic white population. Although it may feel years away, today, 25% of Gen Z are Hispanic, and Hispanics represent the largest ethnic group among Gen Alpha. Amidst this shift, Hispanics continue to be a cultural and economic force, reshaping mainstream media and the fabric of the U.S. with no signs of stopping.

Hispanic-and-female-owned communications powerhouse, BODEN Agency, focused on helping brands make an impact amidst the changing face of culture, has anticipated this transformation since its founding 15 years ago. BODEN has helped brands future-proof their businesses as multicultural storytelling takes greater prominence and cultural lines blur. Authentic narratives that reflect the Hispanic community are more relevant than ever as the Hispanic story is the new American story, and technology becomes the vehicle to deliver them. 

AI as a Cultural Connector 

The rise of AI represents a vast potential for cross-cultural communication, particularly among Gen Z and Gen Alpha, who will become increasingly AI-fluent. As cultures intertwine and languages meld, AI will pave the way for new forms of communication. AI-driven translations and content will allow real-time engagement with Hispanic audiences in their preferred dialects – letting brands “speak their language” more authentically. These conversations foster the potential for deeper connections and a greater understanding of the Hispanic experience. 

Digital First to Digital Dominant 

The current media landscape will become a digital-dominant space where social media, influencer marketing and targeted digital mediums will spur new territories for culture-first communication. The Hispanic audience will occupy a central space in establishing this new digital landscape in the same ways they helped popularize platforms like Snapchat and TikTok. They’ll be the ones to embrace new digital territories that integrate even more advanced, customized features that bring brands closer to them.

Culturally Diverse Creators 

As the multicultural population continues to grow and social media evolves, the percentage of Hispanic content creators will also climb. While Hispanics represent about 19% of the U.S. population, they’re currently underrepresented in influencer marketing campaigns. 

As one of the heaviest users of social media, there’s a major opportunity for brands to deliver Hispanic audiences more diverse content. Creators’ unique cultural perspectives and stories bridge the gap between traditional values and modern trends, fostering a sense of relatability among the constantly connected younger demographic.

Culture Immersed Partners

While tech will be a bridge to cultural connectivity, there is no substitute for being immersed in the constant fluidity of Hispanic culture. At BODEN, we’re rooted in Hispanic insights and pair the latest industry innovations with human truths to tell stories that turn culture into impact – for brands and for the community. 

Whether it’s Messi transforming soccer into fútbol, Bad Bunny elevating music to unimaginable levels, or DC’s first-ever Latino superhero “Blue Beetle” taking top billing in Hollywood, the influence of Hispanic culture is unstoppable, and BODEN stands ready to continue to help brands embrace the changing face of U.S. culture.

Natalie Boden, CEO & Founder

Sara Garibaldi, President

Lauren Gongora, EVP & Partner