Beyond Language: Hispanic Consumers Crave Cultural Relevance in Super Bowl Spots

For years, the Super Bowl has represented much more than just the final game to crown the best team in the NFL – it’s a cultural snapshot of all things shaping the American mainstream. For some, the biggest proof point is the parade of ads that have become as much of an entertainment draw as the game and the halftime show combined. This week, we’ve seen brands tease (and many fully debut) their ads in advance of the broadcast, giving us a preview of their biggest bets for the big game and beyond. Based on what we’ve seen so far, there’s a notable shift in ads that have embraced cultural trends, but still an opportunity to increase representation and diversity throughout.

At BODEN Agency, a communications powerhouse that helps brands stay on the cusp of Hispanic culture, it’s been satisfying to see how this year’s Super Bowl advertisers are leaning into Hispanic talent, trends and cultural truths to break through with both Hispanic and mainstream audiences. It’s Hispanic+ at its core.


As expected, the bench of food and beverage brands advertising during this year’s game is deep, and the biggest players are going big on flavor, fandom and, to no surprise, fútbol.

Snacking giant Frito-Lay doubled-down on young Hispanic talent, tapping actors Jenna Ortega (‘Wednesday’ and ‘Scream’) and Danny Ramirez (‘Top Gun: Maverick’) as the fresh faces to promote its newest snacking innovation: Doritos Dinamita. In a spot that leans into familiar Hispanic themes of food and family (just wait ‘til you meet las abuelas Dina and Mita), the brand is looking to capture the attention of young consumers that crave intense, complex and unexpected Latin-inspired flavors. It’s not just about spicy and hot flavors anymore, but delivering a dynamic snacking experience.

As one of the biggest players in the beverage category, PepsiCo taps into its longstanding music heritage by partnering with Afro-Latina rapper Ice Spice to promote Starry, the newest addition to its brand portfolio. The Super Bowl spot sees the brand take a cheeky swipe at its biggest competitor with the Dominican-American star breaking up with her ex, “lemon-lime soda,” in favor of something more refreshing and crisp.

And even months after his arrival at Inter Miami FC, ‘The Messi Effect’ remains as strong as ever. Michelob Ultra is showing up on the world’s biggest football stage with the world’s biggest fútbol star – Lionel Messi. In a spot that celebrates “active living,” the GOAT steps into an impromptu keepaway game with unsuspecting fans and beachgoers, in a nod to the rising popularity of fútbol in the US.

  • The cultural truth: Cultural authenticity continues to anchor the strategy behind the world’s most iconic brands. For today’s Hispanic fusionista and GenZ audiences, cultural connections through key passion points (ex: food, family, music and sports) are what drive consideration, trial and long-time brand loyalty.


We love the inclusion of Latina stars as the face of two major beauty brands advertising in this year’s game. Afro-Latina actress and ‘Suits’ star Gina Torres joins e.l.f. Cosmetics in a spot to promote its top selling product of 2023, the Halo Glow Liquid Filter complexion booster. Dominican-American rapper and beauty trendsetter Cardi B takes the lead for NYX Professional Makeup, in a teaser for the brand’s Duck Plump lip gloss, recreating her viral ‘That’s Suspicious’ TikTok moment.

  • The cultural truth: Time and again, Latinas have proven to be trendsetters in both fashion and beauty. Makeup trends first popularized by our mamás, tías and primas are seeing a resurgence on social media and are now widely embraced by the beauty-forward masses.


For the first time ever, TelevisaUnivision will air the Super Bowl’s Spanish-language broadcast, giving brands an alternate path to go all-in with Hispanic viewers – and at a significantly lower cost to boot. Brands embracing a Hispanic-first approach benefit threefold by advertising in the Spanish simulcast. 1) Hispanics represent the fastest growing fan base in the NFL. 2) They spend 20 percent more on sports-related products and experiences than non-Hispanics. 3) Latinas are the next frontier in sports fandom in the U.S., and Latina moms are the primary financial decision makers of their households, influencing every purchase from consumer products to family experiences.

Recognizing the enormous buying power of Hispanics, which is expected to top $2.6 trillion by 2025, major automobile brands like Nissan are looking to capture a bigger share of wallet from bi-cultural Latinos, or the 200% – those who are equal parts rooted in their Hispanic heritage, while embracing the American way of life. Their Super Bowl spot airing during the Spanish broadcast sees Saturday Night Live newcomer Marcello Hernandez retelling the story of an epic adventure in a Nissan Pathfinder, with a surprise cameo by regional Mexican band, Grupo Frontera.

Telecommunications giant Verizon has remained mostly tight-lipped about its 30-second spot, which will air during the first commercial break of the second quarter, but based on a teaser dropped this week, Colombian singer J Balvin will help the brand connect with Latino audiences authentically and in-language.

In a move to capture millennial and GenZ Latino consumers, Intuit’s TurboTax will tout itself as a product that helps people maximize their tax returns, while promoting its latest innovation powered by Generative AI. The AI-enabled technology will provide real-time accuracy checks and real-time Spanish translation for Latino customers, helping grow market share with this important audience segment.

  • The cultural truth: While actively embracing their dual identity, U.S. Hispanic consumers support brands that make authentic attempts to connect in culturally relevant ways – often including speaking to them in Spanish.

At a cost of $7 million for a 30-second spot, brands take a surgical approach to their Super Bowl campaign strategies, including recognizing when, where and how to insert multicultural narratives to reach mainstream audiences. Based on the teasers and full ads we’ve seen so far this year, there is still space for brands to level-up their diversity and representation efforts in their spots. In order to prioritize audiences through what we call Hispanic+, there has to be a holistic approach to reach this consumer. The countdown to kick-off begins!