Unlocking the Trust of Hispanics in the COVID-19 Era: Market Growth Tied to 6 Infallible Cultural Truths

We are proud to unveil our latest white paper: Unlocking the Trust of Latinx: Market Growth Tied to 6 Infallible Cultural Truths. We unveiled it after Hispanic Heritage Month on purpose – while commemorative months are important, investing in Latinx is a year round strategic imperative that ladders up to diversity & inclusion, helping brands both drive brand reputation and growth from this community. We hope this white paper can serve as a tool for your teams as you continue to build out 2021 plans!

Latinx remains a powerful marketplace segment poised to catalyze the nation’s economic recovery. Companies must not overlook or misjudge the unique predicament and potential of Latinx today. Brands that engage them today have an opportunity to build long-term relationships with this community. How brands behave at this critical juncture will define how the Latino community perceives them not only today but well into the future.

The paper provides an analysis of the Latinx demographic, including insights for marketers and communicators around the importance of culturally fluid, purpose-driven strategies. It also outlines recommendations on essential communications approaches to elicit loyalty from this influential demographic.

The four topics covered include: 

  1. Value of Latinx to Brands (before COVID-19) provides an overview of the state of the Latinx consumer segment prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. The New Latinx Reality (impact of COVID-19) outlines the short and long-term implications of COVID-19 and the new Latinx reality for brands.
  3. Understanding Latinx’s Evolving Mindset critically assesses how evolving mindsets shed light on new pathways for brands to effectively engage Latinx consumers as a united community during this critical time.
  4. Cultural Truths Inform Purposeful Strategies proposes how to drive long-term trust by rethinking narratives that address the community’s most important cultural truths.

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